“We’ve had a great response from customers, who are greeted as always ‘Still or Sparkling?’ Nothing has changed except our margins have improved – likewise our environmental position!”
– Sam Christie, Longrain Group

“MODA has helped simplify an important aspect of our operation. Their attentive and personable service has been a standout.”
– Somer Sivrioglu, Efendy & Anason

“Environmental impact is the most important benefit for me. We also save on storage which is another great advantage.”
– Mike McEnearney, Kitchen by Mike, Carriageworks

“We’ve cleared out storage space to make way for even more whiskey and reduced our carbon footprint by axing bottled water.”
– Russ McFadden, Eau De Vie

“Just a great product, both in terms of effervescence and taste – also brand positioning! We serve MODA across our entire portfolio.”
– Stefano Di Blasi, Salt Meats Cheese

“I never thought I’d see the day – but like anything else on tap, sparkling water just makes sense.”
– Scott Whitehouse, The Tilbury Hotel

“MODA has enabled us to bring our Nitro coffee product to life in conjunction with an integrated sparkling water system. The perfect addition to any cafe or bar.”
– Saxon Wright, Pablo & Rustys